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The stokkly story

stokkly is the brainchild of three e-commerce and online marketplace experts
who, together, cumulate more than 30 years of experience.
Over the years, they repeatedly met with brands and manufacturers looking
for solutions to better handle excess and distressed inventory.

Time and time again they were confronted with the same questions :

How to quickly yet profitably selloverstock and distressed inventory ?
How to best keep my clearancepartners informed of what goods
I have to sell to them ?
How to protect brand image and current / on-season product lines ?

However simple and straightforward these questions may appear,
it turned out no simple and straightforward
answer or solution existed !

stokkly was designed to not only answer these questions,
but go beyond and provide a realistic and practical solution
to help brands and manufacturers manage
their clearance process

from A to Z

Our vision

  • Excess inventory is not bad for brands.
  • Excess inventory is inevitable and is part of the product lifecycle. It occurs due to supply chain imperfections.
  • Brands should not manage their excess inventory in an emergency mode; they should market and sell it as professionally as any other item in their inventory.

Our vision is that brands, manufacturers and their buying partners
can generate much more value from excess inventory
by working together in a more streamlined environment.

The founding team

François-Xavier Morre

François-Xavier entered the world of e-commerce in 2006 when he created a private sales web site, specialising in designer products. He rapidly focussed his attention on sourcing products in order to offer a unique selection of goods to his customers. In doing so, he considerably developped his knowledge of product life cycles and also excess inventory issues. In 2009, he co-founded Sonuts which offers managed services and professional grade designs to eBay merchants. Sonuts rapidly became the leader on the French market and extended its activity to many other e-commerce platforms.

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Daniele Lodola

Daniele spent the first 10 years of his carreer as a marketing manager in the biotech industry. Over the course of this period, he transitionned a traditional marketing outfit to a full-fledged modern digital marketing machine, leveraging web technologies wherever possible. With this solid technical foundation, he then move on to co-found Sonuts in 2009 with François-Xavier. At Sonuts, Daniele ensured that the back-office ran smoothly and that standardized processes were established whenever feasible thus making Sonuts a sustainable and profitable business.

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Laurent Censier

Laurent is a serial internet entrepreneur, an experienced e-commerce executive and a business angel. In 2003, he launched, an e-commerce business dedicated to babies and children products. He successfully developed the company, which became a leader in his domain in France, Italy and Spain. oclio was bought out by a retail investment fund at the beginning of 2012. Laurent is also the founder of Le Lab Numérique, a digital transformation consulting company, dedicated to help its clients understanding and making the most out of the digital revolution.

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