A screenshot of the stokkly accreditation mode setting screen

New features on stokkly – June 2016

Over the course of the past months, we had received plenty of feedback from sellers and buyers alike on stokkly. This month we’ve chosen to showcase some of the features we’ve recently rolled out for sellers. Although it’s up to sellers to make good of these new options and possibilities, they also ultimately benefit buyers as well. Increased visibility and ease of access are the keywords here!

After private sales, say hello to public sales!

It is now possible to make your sales completely visible, even to non-logged in visitors to the stokkly website: see examples here, here and here. Both access to the product details pages and the ability to buy your products of course remain dependent on the access setting for your private sale, i.e you can make it available to all accredited buyers or restrict access to members of a specific buyer group or type that you have configured for the sale.

How to activate this new option: when creating your private sale, select the “Public” option under “Visibility” in the description tab.

Let us promote your sales on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for you

In order you give you more exposure, we promote your private sales on social networks at launch, specifically on our official Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Shortly after each of your sales opens it will be relayed to all our networks, making it easy for you to share the event with your community.

How to activate this new option: when creating your private sale, select the “Public” option under “Visibility” on the Description tab.

Auto-accreditation for stokkly buyers

Auto-accreditation mode enables you to automatically accredit all newly registered buyers. This makes it possible for buyers to see your active private sales from the moment they first log in to stokkly and immediately make purchases without having to request accreditation beforehand.

How to activate this new option: Click on this link or go to Configuration > Accreditation Tab and check the “Automatic accreditation” checkbox then click Submit.

We are continuing to work hard on the platform, so stay tuned for more major new developments. We have a BIG one coming soon 😉 .

As always, we are eager to hear what you think, your comments and rants, ideas or suggestions, so please let us know about them by email, twitter (@stokkly), or on our Facebook page or LinkedIn page.