stokkly: first impressions

We have just celebrated (in a very reasonable fashion!) stokkly’s first month of activity. Although we don’t have sufficient hindsight for an in depth statistical analysis yet, we have been able to assemble some early stage impressions. We were right to be stubborn and to launch stokkly! The reception and feedback we’re getting from the […]

Who said “overstock”?

Overstock is a complex issue for companies. It is generally unavoidable, it is something which is seldom discussed outside of the company, and no one usually wants to deal with in house! What if the solution for brands was to build a real network to streamline the distribution of their unsold goods? Two definitions Distribution […]

Hello, stokkly!

We are pleased and proud to present stokkly, our new online platform which aims at helping brands increase the profitability of their excess inventory distribution network. In order to reach this landmark, it took : More than a year’s effort, A new round of funding, Many brainstorming sessions, The strict application of the Scrum methodology, A team of highly motivated-developers […]