stokkly January 2017 news

First of all, I’d like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year on behalf of the stokkly team!

As the new year begins stokkly has a truckload of news for you.

stokkly Private Marketplace

It looks like, it feels like… but it isn’t! It is in fact stokkly Private Marketplace, the white-label service aimed at anyone wanting to create their own strictly private and exclusive stock liquidation platform.

Though offering all the same features as, stokkly PMP (the short-form name for stokkly Private Marketplace) will, however, benefit from more advanced and highly-developed features where the graphical environment is concerned.

Launch of stokkly Premium

Interested in selling or buying large lots, very large lots in fact? Then stokkly Premium is made just for you.

  • As a seller, you get the benefit of top-of-the-range service features
    • Greater privacy
    • Personalised management – uploading and publishing online, editing, creation of private sales
    • Access to the stokkly Premium buyers database
    • A dedicated consultant throughout the entire selling process
      For further information about stokkly Premium, please get in touch with us
  • As a buyer, stokkly Premium membership gives youAccess to premium brands
    • Access to strictly private and exclusive sales – limited to just a few buyers
    • Bulk lots above €20,000
    • A stock guarantee
    • A dedicated consultant throughout the entire selling process
      To gain access to stokkly Premium, please complete this survey

Launch of stokkly in 3 new languages

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? O preferite l’italiano? Español quizás?

Up until now, you knew stokkly in English and Français… We are pleased to announce that our platform has added not one, but three, of the major European languages. stokkly is now available in German, Italian and Spanish too! More languages will follow over the course of the year as we endeavor to open even more to the European market as a whole.

1 year already!

January 4th is stokkly’s « official » Birthday, and this year’s is special as it is our first! This first year has been extremely fruitful with thousands of new buyers and hundreds of sellers having registered already, this confirming the value proposition we offer. 2017 will not bring any major revolutions to stokkly but will see important evolutions that will strengthen the technical backbone of the platform, to better meet the needs of large retailers and brands.