The winning combination on stokkly, or the stokkly.yeah factor!

It’s that time of year again when Summer is slowly but surely transitioning into Autumn, back to school offers are everywhere and one can imagine Christmas just round the corner…

Over here at stokkly however, we have been all hands on deck all Summer long with the launch of some new and important features including auto-accreditation for buyers, auctions (read more here), public and private sales and the beta testing of stokkly as a white label platform for sellers (more news on this to follow!).

We have also taken the time to try and better understand the dynamics of the stokkly B2B marketplace, and have analysed the sales data collected since the beginning of the year. This analysis has helped us to determine the ideal conditions for quick and effective excess inventory sales in a purely B2B environment.

The winning combination

  • Factor 1 : package merchandise by the box, pallet or truck load
    stokkly is a B2B marketplace dedicated to excess inventory and buyers are looking to source large volumes even in bulk. If anything, offering merchandise by the unit or small quantities introduces confusion for buyers, and thus has an adverse effect on sales.
  • Factor 2 : auctions
    Auctions are the new hot feature on stokkly. The entailed sense of urgency combined with the competitive determination of the price have made for some very successful sales. Sellers are sure to get the best market price, while buyers have been able to take control of how they buy. Auctions are definitely a win-win solution!
  • Factor 3 : aggressive listing prices
    Any type of excess inventory can be sold on a B2B marketplace such as stokkly, and in any condition or lot size: new, refurbished / reclaimed, by the pallet, box etc.. However the buyers will ultimately be reselling the stock, so they are looking for the best prices. Aggressive listing prices generate more visits on the sale, more bids and ultimately better sales.

The killer figure : 200% higher prices
Last but not least, our study revealed an extremely interesting figure : auctions which get 10 bids or more will reach a final sales price 200% greater than a sale with 3 bids or fewer.

In conclusion, excess inventory sales need to be a quick and easy process, definitely not a long term effort. Sellers and buyers alike are looking to secure profitable and rapid deals with one another.

About stokkly
stokkly is dedicated to the sale of excess inventory and helps brands and manufacturers increase the profitability of their excess inventory distribution network. stokkly offers two distinct service levels:

  • The stokkly private sales platform available as a white-labeled solution allowing for the creation of one’s own excess inventory marketplace
  • The stokkly marketplace on accessible to all, and extremely well suited for small to medium businesses looking to sell excess inventory