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Every year

10% to 20%

of the products built
by brands are sold
in “parallel” distribution

These excess stocks are great opportunities to offer bargains to your end customers.

… and you miss most of it because :

Brands don’t want to tell the world
that they have excess inventory.

Brands lack time and tools to manage
their excess inventory distribution networks.

Brands don’t want you to buy from them,
as you are not a regular business partner.

Brands don’t know you...

Isn’t it time for you to create
a confidence-based business relationship
with new brands


That is what stokkly is all about :
helping buyers finding more excess inventory deals.

If you're looking to source quality,
brand new goods at competitive prices,
then you qualify as a stokkly buyer !

How to buy on stokkly ?

3 simple steps to buy your excess inventory

  1. Register on stokkly
  2. Ask for accreditation from brands
  3. Participate to brand private sales

Buyers benefits

Connect with
new brands

  • brands are often very selective for on season products, but much more opened for excess inventory.
  • stokkly simplfies access to major brands.
  • stokkly is an international platform.

Don’t miss any more
opportunities, ever

  • stokkly provides a comprehensive view of all excess inventory deals
  • Become part of selected partner networks
  • Choose among exclusive private sales

What is the cost for me ?

Buyers can use stokkly free of charge.