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for Brands

Every year

10% to 20%

of the products built
by brands are sold
in “parallel” distribution

These distribution networks are made of numerous hetergenous point of sales (POS)

internal or external

local, regional, international

outlet stores, clearance networks, discount traders, hard discounters, barter companies, …

This “excess inventory management process” or clearance process

is time consuming,

is usually poorly handled

generates losses,

is a loss of control over your brand

Isn’t it time for you to handle,
control, and optimize your excess inventory
distribution network

Isn't it time for your brand
to make money
out of its excess inventories


That is what stokkly is all about :
helping brands to increase the profitability
of their excess inventory distribution network.

How to sell on stokkly ?

4 simple steps to sell your excess inventory

  1. Register on stokkly
  2. Describe your product catalog
  3. Invite your excess inventory selected partners on stokkly
    and/or select stokkly-registered Buyers
  4. Organize truly private sales

What’s in it for my brand ?

stokkly makes
excess inventory

  • Create competition among buyers
  • Manage sales breakdown among your excess inventory distribution partners more profitably
  • Grow your excess inventory distribution network
  • … by seriously taking care of it with the right solution !

stokkly makes
excess inventory
management simple

  • Apply the best business practices to excess inventory management
  • Automate Your Manual Phone, Fax, Email Liquidation Processes

Protect your brand
while profitably selling
excess inventory

What is the cost for my brand ?


Check out our plans and pricing or